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Get help from a network of Pilates equipment professionals setting up your brand new Pilates equipment, diagnose and repair issues, or perform a tune-up to make your studio feel like new again. They come to you!

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Like to get your hands dirty? I’ve got a variety of resources to help you give your equipment the top-notch care it deserves.

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If you’re interested in learning how to start your own maintenance side-business, stay tuned! The Pilates Equipment Pro Certification Course launches soon!

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Happy Clients

  • “Kaleen is awesome! I needed help replacing some defective parts on my reformers and eliminating an ever-present noise on one of my reformers. She was able to diagnose the source of the annoying squeak and coordinate with Stott to get the correct parts sent out to me. What a great weight off my shoulders knowing that I have someone in my corner that can get things done quickly and thoroughly and is a pleasure to work with.”

    Robin Monette
    Owner & Instructor, The Pilates Reserve

  • “Kaleen was integral to setting up my studio’s new location. Her expertise and knowledge of the equipment provided me comfort in knowing that my equipment retro-fits would be done accurately and correctly. She assembled my equipment and made the whole process smooth and simple. When it’s time to open your studio, call Kaleen!”

    Nancy Tenoglio
    Owner & Instructor, Park West Pilates

  • “Kaleen is a pleasure to work with. In meeting with her she was prompt, reliable and knowledge. She fine tuned and made recommendations on my Balanced Body equipment. And even helped me with some squeaks on other equipment. She is coming back to change out some rollers on my reformers and I’m looking forward to them gliding like they are new again. Definitely someone we need to assist us in keeping our equipment functioning top notch.”

    Tracy McQuaid
    Owner & Instructor, Fluid Kinetics