As a certified Pilates Instructor of five years, I know what it’s like to teach my clients using equipment that may or may not be safe or distraction-free.

During my trips to Pilates studios all over the world, I hear stories of the “chorus of Push-Through bars” and the “quirky Reformer” and the “alien space ship springs” and the “sandpaper wheels.”  Everyone has a story about at least one piece of equipment in their studio that has a distracting feature about it.  You might try to explain away the annoying sound or feeling as a part of that machine’s “personality” but the reality is that distraction is taking away from what you’re trying to do: teach movement.

You want your clients and your instructors to be able to focus on feeling, hearing, and seeing the movement.  You want your clients to come in and think about how they are going to move their bodies and take care of themselves, rather than how they will be entertained by the equipment today.

I get it.  I want those things for my clients, too.

Even worse are those times when you are teaching on equipment that you aren’t sure is safe.  Those are scary times.  Either, you block it out of your mind and hope for the best, or actually try and get a hold of tech support to help advise you.  Regardless, you know accidents happen.  Equipment breaks.  Springs snap.  Clients and instructors can get hurt.

Those things are not fun, even if no one pursues legal action.  You became a Pilates instructor to help people, and losing your client’s trust over poorly maintained equipment is silly.

But, up until now, there have been no resources to help you.  I know this.  So many of my maintenance clients tell me, “It’s about time someone did this!”  Or, “I’m so glad I can rely on you!”

My goal is to demystify equipment maintenance so studios all over the world can have safe and distraction-free Pilates equipment.

Whether you want to hire someone to do it for you, learn how to do it yourself, or even become a technician yourself to serve your local Pilates community, I’m here to guide you on your journey to worry-free Pilates equipment.

How to work with me

Learn to DIY

  1. Sign up for my 100% online, self-paced course called SafeReformer
  2. Complete three modules and pass the test
  3. Put your new skills to use!
  4. Enjoy lifetime access to new and updated content to keep your skills up to date

Find a Tech

  1. Go to the Tech listings page
  2. Find the closest certified SafeReformer Technician to you
  3. Email or call them using the contact information provided
  4. Get a free estimate of work
  5. Schedule an appointment

Become a certified Tech

  1. Buy the online course package (includes the SafeReformer course bundle)
  2. Complete the modules
  3. Pass the final test
  4. Submit reports on two studio jobs
  5. Submit one customer review
  6. Get listed on The Fit Reformer’s SRT Network page