About Kaleen

Getting your equipment running smoothly at its peak lets you concentrate on what’s important:

Teaching the movement.

As a mechanical engineer, certified PMA Pilates Teacher, and owner of The Fit Reformer, I have the skills and knowledge to keep your biggest investment running like clockwork for years to come. For example, after one of my equipment tune-ups, a studio owner and one of her instructors got on a Reformer to test it out.

“Wow! Once you’re not fighting the equipment anymore, you’re free to feel the movement!”

That sums up what I do for you, perfectly.

I want to challenge you to start thinking about your Pilates equipment like any other big investment you make. Say, a car. It’s possible to own a car for years and year without spending a lot of money or time on maintenance. When you forgo oil changes, car washes and new tires, your car not only feels crappy but won’t last as long as it could without a major overhaul (at which point you will probably decide to cut your loses and buy a new one).

Your Pilates equipment is the same.

Many of you know that your equipment is built to last, and have experienced this first hand. In today’s plastic and disposable world, a solid apparatus like the one you own is hard to come by. But, over time instructors gradually adjust to the declining performance of their equipment. They learn to jiggle the footbar in just the right way to get it to stay, or turn a deaf ear to that lovely squeak coming from those Chair springs.

After a while, all of these little annoyances become normal daily events and you lose touch with what these machines are truly capable of doing for you and you clients.

This is where I come in. Let me help you turn back the clock and make your equipment feel like new again.