Hi! I'm Kaleen.

I’m a Pilates teacher and engineer who solves equipment headaches.

Even as an equipment expert who has traveled the country solving equipment maintenance problems for studios, I’ve had my fair share of equipment nightmares: 

  • I once had to shout over a loud Push-Through bar squeak while teaching Cat on the Tower.  
  • More than once I’ve had a TWD -Teaching While Distracted -  because the Reformer my client was on made a weird noise.
  • My clients have asked me multiple times if that one noise the springs make is normal.
  • I’ve explained away noises my equipment makes as “quirky” and just said “that one has a personality.”
  • I’ve worked in the studio where that one Reformer was “red-headed stepchild” and every instructor avoided it like the plague. 

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, it is. 

Pilates might be magic for your body, but Pilates equipment doesn’t just magically work.

Before I was a Pilates instructor, I was a mechanical engineer. After completing my teacher training, I merged my two passions. 

Initially, I helped design equipment for Balanced Body where I bridged the gap between the technical manufacturing-speak and the equally-complicated Pilates world language and ideals.

Then I noticed a bigger problem. While Pilates teachers had access to beautiful equipment, most of them were lost on how to take care of it and it wasn’t their fault! After all, this wasn’t something that was taught in the teacher training. 

Fast forward to today where I help Pilates teachers find the right equipment for their needs and keep their equipment safe, smooth, and quiet, so their teaching (and not that squeaky spring) can be the star of the show. 

And in case you were wondering, I do enjoy more than just math equations. Here’s three things you might not know about me:

  1. I love, love, love craft beer.  Especially sour beer. The first thing my husband and I do when we plan our travels is look up the nearby breweries.
  2. My favorite football team (ahem, soccer, to you Americans!) is Arsenal.  A London-based team in England’s top league. Yes, I get up early on the weekend to watch them live!
  3. I have an adventurous kitty named Drake who has traveled the country with me in a little travel trailer.  I may be a crazy cat lady, but I’m okay with that. He’s so cute!

Equipment maintenance isn’t exactly glamorous, but it’s also not that hard and it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. 

You managed to learn hundreds of exercises and practically every muscle in the human body. You can handle dusting the reformer. 

I’ll show you how.