• Getting your equipment running smoothly at its peak lets you concentrate on what’s important:

    teaching movement

    As a mechanical engineer, certified PMA Pilates Teacher, and owner of The Fit Reformer, I have the skills and knowledge to keep your biggest investment running like clockwork for years to come. For example, after one of my equipment tune-ups, a studio owner and one of her instructors (hey Danielle and Meredith!) got on a Reformer to test it out.

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    That sums up what I do for you, perfectly.

  • I want to challenge you to start thinking about your Pilates equipment like any other big investment you make. Say, a car. It’s possible to own a car for years and year without spending a lot of money or time on maintenance. When you forgo oil changes, car washes and new tires, your car not only feels crappy but won’t last as long as it could without a major overhaul (at which point you will probably decide to cut your loses and buy a new one).

    Your Pilates equipment is the same.

    Many of you know that your equipment is built to last, and have experienced this first hand. In today’s plastic and disposable world, a solid apparatus like the one you own is hard to come by. But, over time instructors gradually adjust to the declining performance of their equipment. They learn to jiggle the footbar in just the right way to get it to stay, or turn a deaf ear to that lovely squeak coming from those Chair springs.

    After a while, all of these little annoyances become normal daily events and you lose touch with what these machines are truly capable of doing for you and you clients.

    This is where I come in. Let me help you turn back the clock and make your equipment feel like new again.

Kaleen’s Values

Empowering Instructors

Not everyone grows up with a handy mentor to show them the ropes of basic tool usage. Not everyone wants to, either. That’s why my advice is broken down as simply as possible to make even the most non-technical person feel comfortable with the basics. You can do it! I’ll help.


I customize my service for you. Your level of technical ability. The age and usage of your equipment. Your budget. The amount of time you want to spend getting your hands dirty. Your style of teaching. The way you run your business. I present you some options, then we tailor them to make integration seamless.


My in-depth knowledge of the Pilates industry and equipment stems from several years working as a design engineer for Balanced Body, the world’s larges Pilates equipment manufacturer. While I “grew up” with Balanced Body products, I can appreciate the beauty and utility of many other brands, and enjoy working on all makes and models, including Stott, Peak, Gratz and Basil.


Because I travel to studios all over the country, I get a unique perspective on what each studio needs to keep their equipment running at its peak. That’s why I’ve created several helpful tools that will enable you to better manage each apparatus in your Pilates arsenal. Starting with free, online video tutorials to teach you how to care for your equipment, and continuing with custom planners and logs.

About Kaleen

table saw-minI grew up a soccer player and a total math nerd.  But when I tore my ACL in high school (twice!), my dream of playing soccer in college wasn’t so practical anymore. So, I decided to study engineering.

I went to a tiny, faraway engineering school in Michigan, which was a fun and often challenging contrast to my childhood home in Northern California.  Through my internships and study/work abroad experiences, I learned a little bit more about what makes me happy and excited.

After working in Product Development for an automotive supplier, an orthopedic implant manufacturer, a wheelchair non-profit and even trying a stint in grad school, I ended up finding my dream engineering job as a design engineer at Balanced Body.

It was there that my love for Pilates blossomed.  My knee pain gradually disappeared, making my daily life much more enjoyable and my adult rec league soccer games much more competitive.  I just had to do more.

While I was at Balanced Body, I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside my friends who make the industry-leading equipment.  The production leads, line workers, tech support guys (hey Joe!) and the many others that bring these beautiful teaching tools to life taught me about the design rationales, the problems and the creative solutions that have evolved over the years.  Plus, in addition to getting my hands dirty building, testing and breaking (so fun!) Pilates equipment, I got to work on designing new apparatus and accessories with Pilates greats like Nora St. John, Joy Puleo, and Viktor Uygan.

This job was my dream job, and if I had to work for someone else, that’s where I’d be.  But I had the itch for more so I quit to start my own business.

As well as being an engineer and small business owner, I completed my comprehensive Pilates training and got my PMA ® -CPT. I teach about ten hours a week of both private clients and group classes at a local studio.  Working in a busy studio multiple days a week has given me insight, knowledge, and experience that just enhances my abilities to serve other Pilates studios from an equipment care perspective.

I freaking love my job, and am so happy to have my creative freedom, opportunity to get my hands dirty, and ability to serve my amazing customers.

When I’m not working I love playing soccer, beating my fiance at board games, working in my dad’s woodshop, and traveling the world, tasting new beers.

PS I’m a strong proponent of encouraging girls and women to get their hands dirty making stuff.  Especially stereotypical male stuff.  Just because you haven’t used a screwdriver before or don’t know the difference between a socket and crescent wrench doesn’t mean we can’t work together to teach you how to fix and maintain your own Pilates equipment. You are capable! I promise! I’ll help you.

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