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Kaleen is an engineer, Pilates Instructor, and owner of The Fit Reformer. She travels the nation to keep Pilates studios and their clients healthy and happy.

Why cleaning your Reformer rails is fast, easy and necessary

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The cleanliness of your equipment can greatly detract from the Pilates experience.  You and your client should be focused on the movement, not tuning out bumps and squeaks as the carriage travels within the frame. One of the easiest things you can do for your Reformer is to wipe the rails and surface of the

Impacting change in Delhi

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Escape the Norm and Find an Online Studio Scheduler You Actually Love

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Note from Kaleen:  Katie is one of my dearest friends, whom I met while working at Balanced Body.  She is outgoing, loud-mouthed, smart and an awesome Pilates instructor who has her own busy studio.  I help her with her website and graphic design, and since she raves about Tula so much I asked her to

What riding my bike taught me about the difficulties of Pilates equipment maintenance

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A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went cycling through wine country in Dahlonega, Georgia.  We stayed in a cool container cabin at the Hiker Hostel, visited a few wineries, and cycled 32 miles and climbed 2500 feet.  Whew!  My quads were bricks! About 3/4 of the way through our ride, almost to our last winery,

How to create and actually perform an equipment maintenance routine

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Pilates equipment maintenance is an easy subject to gloss over in the grand scheme of running a successful business.  Everyone knows they should be doing it, but few do.  It’s like cleaning your house or maintaining your car.  The average person knows there are basic schedules and tasks they should do, but they often put

Don’t Be Afraid of the Nuts and Bolts: Easy Equipment Maintenance for Pilates Instructors

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I've been published!  It's an honor to be featured in one of Brett Miller's Pilates Intel newsletters.  The subject: learning how to take care of your own Pilates equipment!  Here's an excerpt. One of the first things the professor in my college Introduction to Engineering course told the class was that that no mechanical invention is

The truth about essential oils and your Pilates equipment

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One of the big surprises for my clients is that your Pilates equipment manufacturer probably doesn't recommend cleaning vinyl with essential oils.  While a diluted solution of tea tree oil is the inherent choice for many studio owners, the major vinyl manufacturers (Naugahyde and Boltaflex) don't recommend it. What the manufacturers say Shari Berkowitz published