Balanced Body makes it easy to replace your upholstery and foam

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After many years of use, especially in a busy studio, your reformer vinyl can start to wear.  It might crack, the corners might get nicked, your client’s jewelry or zippers might cut the vinyl, or it could get scuffed.  Underneath the vinyl, you might have foam wearing thin where clients commonly kneel or put their butts or feet. Any of these reasons might make you want to replace your upholstery, but it sounds like a tedious process that requires a local upholstery service.  However, Balanced Body makes it really easy to replace your vinyl and foam on the most frequently used equipment with no upholstery skills required. Every Reformer, Chair and Cadillac is built with removable upholstery blocks.  That means … Read More

How to store your springs when not in use

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Even if your studio is incredibly busy hosting 8 or 10 Reformer classes per day six days a week, the reality is that your springs aren’t in use more than they are.  Therefore, it makes sense to care about how they are stored just as much as how they are used.  Here are a few tips on how to store your springs during off-hours to prolong their life and stay safe. Note: Check out this post if you want to learn when your springs are ready to be replaced, and this post to learn more about the science of springs. Attach at least 1 regular Reformer spring to springbar When your students finish class, have them store the Reformer in … Read More

Which lubricant should you use, and when?

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It’s time to ditch your studio can of WD40 in favor of these two more specialized lubricants.  While you may think that WD40 does a good job of minimizing noise, think of it like a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.  It does what you want with a passing grade of C, or C+, but with the following two lubricants you will take care of the noises in your studio much more effectively.   3-in-1 Multipurpose Oil This oil comes in a small bottle and is available at most hardware stores.  It is great for situations where you aren’t necessarily able to take pieces apart (these situations might be better suited to a grease) and need the oil to penetrate a small space.  Because … Read More

How to care for leather straps

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Classical leather straps like Joseph Pilates used on his Reformers are a staple in many studios around the world. For these studios, special care should be taken to ensure the leather remains safe throughout the life of the Reformer.  If you have leather straps on your Reformers, here’s how to avoid the trauma of broken straps and the lost revenue due to a Reformer being out of service. Monthly inspections Every month you need to look for cracks and tears in your leather straps.  These are most likely to develop around the holes under the carriage or along the seams where the material has a thinner cross section and can dry out more easily.  Check out these photos for some examples. … Read More

How to know when to replace your springs in 3 easy steps

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Since the springs on your Pilates equipment are integral to the method you teach your clients, it is absolutely necessary to make sure they are safe.  But how, exactly, do you determine whether a spring is safe?  Here is a simple three step guide to keeping you and your clients safe in the studio. Step one: Make a Plan Schedule a time every month that is convenient for you to make a quick round of the studio.  I’ve been to many studios that know what to do, but don’t actually do it because they didn’t schedule a check in their month so other priorities consistently pushed equipment checks down the To Do list. The best plan is one that you … Read More

Why cleaning your Reformer rails is fast, easy and necessary

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The cleanliness of your equipment can greatly detract from the Pilates experience.  You and your client should be focused on the movement, not tuning out bumps and squeaks as the carriage travels within the frame. One of the easiest things you can do for your Reformer is to wipe the rails and surface of the wheels every week with a damp microfiber cloth.  If you do this regularly, you will be able to quickly and easily get the dirt and grime off the rails and wheels, which will help the carriage travel smoothly for years to come. There are a few additional benefits of regular cleaning besides simply improving a client’s experience on the Reformer.  First, regular light cleaning eliminates … Read More

Escape the Norm and Find an Online Studio Scheduler You Actually Love

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Note from Kaleen:  Katie is one of my dearest friends, whom I met while working at Balanced Body.  She is outgoing, loud-mouthed, smart and an awesome Pilates instructor who has her own busy studio.  I help her with her website and graphic design, and since she raves about Tula so much I asked her to write something for you guys.  I hope you enjoy! By Katie Prior of Pilates Heartcore, Rancho Cordova, Ca. In the world today, there are a lot of choices out there for us.  Hundreds of resturaunts, multiple coffee shops and clothing stores galore.  And if you cannot find what you need in a physical store, then you just go online.  Or these days, you go online … Read More

What riding my bike taught me about the difficulties of Pilates equipment maintenance


A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went cycling through wine country in Dahlonega, Georgia.  We stayed in a cool container cabin at the Hiker Hostel, visited a few wineries, and cycled 32 miles and climbed 2500 feet.  Whew!  My quads were bricks! About 3/4 of the way through our ride, almost to our last winery, I was cursing my bike.  My fitness.  The hills.  You name it.  And every time my bike took 5 seconds (yes, 5 whole seconds!) to shift gears while climbing, boy was I furious!  That’s like 4 or 5 more pedals at an effort that I didn’t want to be at!   It was the straw that broke the camels back. The thing is, around town I … Read More

How to create and actually perform an equipment maintenance routine


Pilates equipment maintenance is an easy subject to gloss over in the grand scheme of running a successful business.  Everyone knows they should be doing it, but few do.  It’s like cleaning your house or maintaining your car.  The average person knows there are basic schedules and tasks they should do, but they often put them off until it’s really necessary.  It’s too easy for other tasks (often more fun or seemingly important tasks!) to get in the way. Sometimes I go into a studio and it is immediately evident that I’m working with someone who is Type-A about everything (seriously, everything).  Their laundry room at home is impeccable, I’m sure.  Dirty clothes sorted by color and type, special hanging … Read More

The Number 1 missed question on my Maintenance Quiz


Before you read the rest of this post, take a minute to go take the maintenance quiz.  It’s quick, free and I need some more data to make any sort of statistical analysis! Go ahead, I’ll wait. … …….. ………….. …….. … Thanks!!  Now that you have done that, we can talk about some of the answers I’ve see submitted. Before we start, I want to note that at the time of this post I had only 9 surveys submitted, so let’s consider these preliminary results. The first question on the quiz asks, “How often do you clean your Reformer rails?”  And it’s first for a reason: I find that the condition and cleanliness of my client’s Reformer rails are … Read More