Bumpy Ride? Troubleshoot Your Reformer: Part Two

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Continuing on last month’s topic of troubleshooting a bumpy carriage ride, let’s talk about other places your annoyances might be coming from besides the wheels. I perform the baseline testing by doing leg circles with my feet in straps, because I get the biggest range of motion using the ropes and straps (Remember, in Part 1 all the

Balanced Body makes it easy to replace your upholstery and foam

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After many years of use, especially in a busy studio, your reformer vinyl can start to wear.  It might crack, the corners might get nicked, your client’s jewelry or zippers might cut the vinyl, or it could get scuffed.  Underneath the vinyl, you might have foam wearing thin where clients commonly kneel or put their

How to care for leather straps

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Classical leather straps like Joseph Pilates used on his Reformers are a staple in many studios around the world. For these studios, special care should be taken to ensure the leather remains safe throughout the life of the Reformer.  If you have leather straps on your Reformers, here’s how to avoid the trauma of broken straps

Why cleaning your Reformer rails is fast, easy and necessary

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The cleanliness of your equipment can greatly detract from the Pilates experience.  You and your client should be focused on the movement, not tuning out bumps and squeaks as the carriage travels within the frame. One of the easiest things you can do for your Reformer is to wipe the rails and surface of the