I’ve been published!  It’s an honor to be featured in one of Brett Miller’s Pilates Intel newsletters.  The subject: learning how to take care of your own Pilates equipment!  Here’s an excerpt.

One of the first things the professor in my college Introduction to Engineering course told the class was that that no mechanical invention is truly unique. Everything we make or work on as engineers already exists somewhere in nature. Most notably, the human body.

My education as a maker and an engineer has been a long and incredibly fun one. I love figuring things out. The challenge of understanding all the parts to make the contraption smoother, faster, stronger, quieter, or better drives me. The use of my body and brain to create is addicting. It’s where I find my “flow.”

I imagine you feel similarly as a Pilates instructor, analyzing body movement and reworking components to make it function properly. Just like a mechanical engineer might work on a car engine, a Pilates instructor works on the human body.

To get started, here is a quick list of things you should be doing regularly to keep your equipment healthy:

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