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  • Every time I go into a studio I talk to the owner about his or her maintenance habits.  How often do you clean your Reformer rails?  What do you use to get rid of squeaks?  What I’ve noticed most is that they have the desire to take care of their equipment, but they just don’t know how.

    Maintenance is un-glamorous but integral to keeping you and your clients safe and happy.  Fighting with the apparatus not only takes away from the movement.  When I lay on a Reformer or grip a Push-Through Bar I don’t want to be distracted by bumpy wheels or a moaning Cadillac. Plus, many of your liability insurance policies require you to record your equipment maintenance.

The goal of this manual is to make the basic maintenance of your studio equipment easy to do and easy to track.  It’s what I wish every studio owner could give me when I walked into their space, and what my testers tell me they wish they had years ago. Get your studio organized with The Fit Reformer’s Maintenance Log, now available on Amazon Prime.

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    How-To Guides

    Four pages of easy how-to guides to teach you how and when to care for your equipment.

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    Individual Log Sheets

    Over 30 individual log sheets to record observations, repairs and upgrades for each apparatus.

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    Color Photos

    Three pages of color photos showing common safety hazards to avoid.

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    Weekly and quarterly maintenance checklists make performing and tracking your tasks simple.

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    Spring Tracking Logs

    Spring replacement charts to track purchases and retirement dates for every spring in your studio.

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    Shopping List

    Easily remember which parts to order the next time you speak with your manufacturer by filling in the shopping list.

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    Notes Pages

    Write down your questions, observations, and plans all in one place, so you never lose your apparatus-related thoughts!

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