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Welcome to The Fit Reformer Maintenance Quiz!

Woohoo!  I'm glad to see you're interested in Pilates equipment maintenance!  While definitely not a glamorous undertaking, keeping your Pilates equipment running smoothly and safely is a top priority.  I believe you have the power to do it yourself, should you choose, so I hope you learn a little about taking care of your machines with this quiz.

Which lubricant is NOT recommended for your Pilates equipment toolkit?
What is the ONLY solution approved by vinyl manufacturers to clean your upholstery with after each client?
How often should you check your springs for gaps, kinks, waves and other defects?
What is NOT an appropriate application for dry silicone spray?
What are appropriate applications for 3-in-1 oil?
Where does chair noise come from?
TRUE or FALSE?  Thickened, stiff and fuzzy ropes like those below are a safety hazard.
How often should you clean your Reformer rails?
What is the name of this part?
Which of these Springs does NOT present a safety hazard, based on the information available in the photos. 
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