• Develop a network of knowledgeable and accessible Pilates Equipment Technicians
  • Create a safer and more reliable environment in which to practice Pilates
  • Educate equipment owners on basic care and safety hazards
  • Collectively raise the quality standards of new equipment

The proper function of your Pilates equipment is of extreme importance to not just your business but the Pilates experience you create for your clients. We’ve all heard amusing stories of the “problem child” Reformer that no one wants to take in a group class. Or, the chorus of signing push-through bars in a Tower class.  But we are often too embarrassed to admit to those times when our equipment fails us. As in, causes bodily harm to the instructor or client!  Springs break, metal clips shatter, and Push-through bars go flying toward a face far more often than we want to acknowledge.

The goal of this project is to build a community support system centered on caring for our precious teaching tools. I love getting my hands dirty in your studios and nursing your equipment back to working order, but there is only so much I can do alone.  By teaching other mechanically-minded Pilates instructors how to care for equipment and providing them with knowledge and help when they need it, we can stop fighting our equipment and start feeling the movement without waiting for my own next cross-country road trip.

Maintenance Pro Start-up Guide

The only publicly available guide detailing how to start your own maintenance business. Learn about the nitty gritty business details, keys to getting your first client, how to work with the equipment manufacturers, and more!

Equipment Check Sheets

Check sheets help you ensure you don’t miss anything during your client visits. Plus, they provide a record of your work that you and your client can keep. Most equipment and manufacturers are included, and it’s easy to add your contributions.

Current Known-Issue Database

Because we are creating a close-knit community, we have databases of known equipment issues for each piece of equipment. Before you head to your client, read up on their equipment so you know what to look for.

Referrals from The Fit Reformer

I frequently get requests from clients across the country that I simply cannot see. Your information will be listed on my website, and when someone submits a request in your area I will first refer them to you.

Forum Access

The only forum on facebook dedicated to Pilates Equipment Pros. Learn tips and tricks from other pros, ask questions and share your successes! This is an integral tool for growing your business and educating yourself as a Pilates equipment specialist.

Discount on Maintenance Logs

You are eligible to buy The Fit Reformer maintenance logs for a 35% discount so you can sell them at retail price to your clients. Keep your clients up to date and educated about regular care, as well as record your work so you never forget what you did to which machine “that one time.”

This mentorship program works best if you are a mechanically-minded Pilates instructor.  Often, members have already done work for their own studio or other studios, but aren’t sure about making anything official.  Ideally, members want to offer their maintenance services for hire to other studios in their area.

If you haven’t ever picked up a wrench to work on your equipment- don’t worry- there will be other opportunities for you to learn how to do that.  Believe me, you can learn and I want to help.  But this particular program isn’t the way to do it.

One of my missions in life is to get more women doing the stereotypically-not-feminine thing of working on mechanical stuff.  I tell my clients all the time that they work with the human body– something far, far more complicated than a silly Reformer!  With a little instruction I can give these studio owners the confidence they need to know when something is not right, and either investigate it themselves or contact someone who can.  I try to support these equipment owners from afar through email and Skype, and if they find they need me in person then we can make it happen.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of studios out there who aren’t interested in learning how to take care of their own equipment, giving you the opportunity to keep their equipment working well.  My philosophy is that there is enough business around for us that it makes no sense to be overly protective of our methods and secretive about what we find during our work.  In fact, by building this community we can join together to help shape the future of the equipment manufacturing industry, bringing more information, education and issue awareness to our Pilates brothers and sisters.  This can’t be done with a few insular businesses scattered around the world with no desire to share information.

Right now I’m in community-building mode.  I’m not charging for my training, but I am being selective— looking for independent, passionate, and customer-service oriented people to grow the network with.  The founding members are really important to lay the foundation for what this program will become, and so I’m looking for the best!

In addition to a personalized training plan, including start up documents, personal advice and business consultation, you’ll have access to the largest network of Pilates equipment pros in the world to compare notes with, ask questions of, and share your successes. This is the key to growing your side business, bringing in the extra cash every month (on your schedule!) and networking your way through the Pilates industry. Plus, if you’re like me, it satisfies that craving to just get things working right again.

  • What this is

    • An excellent way to get involved with your local Pilates community, build a network, and set yourself apart
    • Work as much as you want or as little as you want- you determine your work radius, availability and rates
    • One way to scratch your itch to solve problems, get your hands dirty, and help someone else
    • A decent paying side-gig
    • An opportunity to help shape the future of the Pilates industry through hard work, education and community-building
    • The start of a bigger movement.  I hope to grow this effort beyond a simple message board and maintenance pro listing.  Big things are coming and I need your help!
  • What this is NOT

    • An employment contract with The Fit Reformer.  You will be your own boss hired directly by studios.  I am simply here to mentor you and connect those in our community.
    • A platform to promote a particular brand of equipment or style of teaching.  You must be open to the way other studios run their business.
    • Guaranteed clients.  While I typically have requests for appointments all over the country and will refer them to the appropriate local maintenance pro, you are responsible for notifying your local community of your presence and expertise, as well as scheduling your own appointments and taking your own payments.

Kaleen Canevari is a mechanical engineer, certified PMA Pilates instructor and former engineer for Balanced Body.  She began her journey into Pilates in 2013 when she landed a highly-coveted engineering job in product development at Balanced Body.  After just a few lunch-time Pilates classes she knew she wanted to teach also.  Prior to Balanced Body she worked as an engineer in the automotive, orthopedic implant, and wheelchair industries.  Her passion is making stuff, particularly out of wood, and she loves to encourage other women to get their hands dirty (regardless of experience!)

The Fit Reformer started because Kaleen wanted more freedom to create her own schedule, make the important decisions, and stand up on her own two feet.  Combined with teaching Pilates part-time, this gig is a dream come true.

As a Pilates instructor, Kaleen skews contemporary with heavy influences from her mentor Amanda Martin (Madeline Black + Kane School lineage) and her mom, a physical therapist.  She loves seeing clients with knee injuries, and her greatest pride is getting weekend warriors back out on the field while helping them avoid injury and keep doing the things they love.

When she isn’t working, Kaleen loves to hike, play soccer, work in her dad’s woodshop, cheer on her team Arsenal FC, and spend time with her family.