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Pilates equipment maintenance made easy

As easy as lather, rinse, repeat

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We’ve all experienced that cringy moment when a client lies down on the reformer and a spring starts “singing.”

It’s like nails on a chalkboard, except worse, because your client is trusting you with their body and hard earned dollars and not only is it embarrassing, but you’re lost on how to fix it.

That experience? So not fun, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your equipment doesn’t need to require an engineering degree or knowledge of drill bits. This stuff can be EASY.

Equipment Essentials is a simple solution to help you keep your equipment safe, smooth, and quiet, so your teaching (and not that squeaky spring) can be the star of the show.

  • No more hair in the headrests #gross
  • No more more squeaky springs and pulleys.
  • No more bumpy rides or sticky footbars.
  • No more running to your spouse/biz partner/google for help every time you have an equipment SOS.

You may even like it!

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By purchasing this course you agree to the Terms & Conditions. I collect information based on my Privacy Policy.

Here's what you get

Toolkit translator

Ever wonder what that pile of tools that came with your machine are for or what tools you need to maintain your equipment. The Toolkit translator will tell you what you’re looking at and how to use it.


A Tune-Up cheat sheet to make your equipment feel like new again. Print it out so you always have a reference handy when you need it.

Video Library

A video library that shows you exactly how to maintain and tune-up your equipment. Need help identifying a tool? Not sure what to do about that rip in the upholstery? Want to eradicate that squeaky push thru bar? These videos will show you how.


Safety checklists for your Reformer, Chair, and Cadillac that make regular maintenance and cleaning a (quick!) no-brainer.

Plus, you’ll get all your burning spring questions answered.

  • How do I store the springs when not in use?
  • Do I need to clean my springs?
  • When do I actually need to change my springs?
  • What is a normal spring lifespan?
  • Does that “boing” noise mean the spring is damaged?
  • Will my springs wear out?

Just dying to know the answers? Find out inside the course!

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About your instructor


Hi! I’m Kaleen.

I’m a Pilates teacher and engineer who solves Pilates equipment headaches.

Before I was a Pilates instructor, I was a mechanical engineer. After completing my teacher training, I merged my two passions.

Initially, I helped design equipment for Balanced Body where I bridged the gap between the technical manufacturing-speak and the equally-complicated Pilates world language and ideals.

Then I noticed a bigger problem. While Pilates teachers had access to beautiful equipment, most of them were lost on how to take care of it.

It wasn’t their fault! After all, this wasn’t something that was taught in teacher training.

Fast forward to today where I help Pilates teachers keep their equipment safe, smooth, and quiet, so their teaching (and not that squeaky spring) can be the star of the show.

After all, Pilates might be magic for your body, but Pilates equipment doesn’t just magically work.

Get instant access

By purchasing this course you agree to the Terms & Conditions. I collect information based on my Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

I designed this course for Pilates insutructors like you who want to be confident that the equipment you teach on is not only safe, but operating in a manner that helps your client get the most out of the movement. Quirky distractions be gone!

I have a Peak/Gratz/Basil/Stott Reformer, does this course still apply to me?  

Great question! Yes! This course is demonstrated on Balanced Body equipment, but applies to all brands. Every Reformer, Chair and Cadillac has the same basic parts and I show you how to quickly and easily maintain them.

I'm afraid this course will be over my head because I have little or no experience with tools. Will I be okay?

You’re smart enough to memorize practically every muscle in the human body and hundreds of exercises in the Pilates repertoire. Trust me when I say you can handle a few minutes of equipment maintenance a day. This process does NOT have to be hard. I will walk you through everything, step by step.

I'm an instructor who teaches at one or more studios that I don't own. How will this benefit me?

Even though the equipment isn't yours, your clients are trusting YOU during the session. I have met many men and women who bring me their concerns about equipment they teach on but don't own. How do you bring your worries up to your boss or the studio owner if you aren't even sure there is a problem?

Once you take this course you will have the confidence and knowledge to communicate your concerns to the person in charge of the equipment. It's so much easier to say "this spring is worn out and needs to be replaced because of X," rather than hesitantly asking if they're sure the equipment is safe.

Heck, you can even refer them to this course!

How much time does implementing this program require? I just don’t have extra time to spare. 

Equipment Essentials takes about 4 hours to complete, including doing your first safety check and three basic tune-ups. Your first inspection and tune-up might take a bit longer than you think, but in general you can expect to take 3-5 minutes per piece of equipment per month for ongoing maintenance.

Can I get PMA CEC's for this?

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering PMA CEC's.

Can’t I just call my manufacturer when I have a problem?

Yes, of course. Some manufacturers really excel with customer service and tech support. Other companies are very difficult to get any help from once they have your money. But tech support can only do so much over the phone, and at the end of the day, has their own interests at heart. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure your Reformers are safe and don't detract from the movement experience, but add to it.

I have been running my studio for over ten years and have never had a major issue. Why do I need to change what I’ve been doing?

First of all, that's awesome! Good job! I've visited several studios that have been operating with no maintenance schedule for years and while some of them look great, some of them look terrible. This course is designed to give you the confidence that you are doing the right thing, make it easy to start or change your routine to be more thorough and accurate, and give you the tools and skills you need to extend the life of your equipment. If you already have a thorough, monthly maintenance schedule and log that catches safety hazards and addresses issues in a safe and timely manner, then maybe this course isn't for you.

I just bought my equipment recently, so I don’t need to worry about this for a few years, right?

While most major Pilates equipment brands seem to last for years without any regular maintenance, their condition will drop off quite rapidly at a certain point. If you think of your equipment like a car, requiring regular servicing and checks, it might make more sense. New cars still need to be washed, get inspections, have tires rotated and oil changed. Of couse they can work just fine - for a time - without those things, but it does damage, AND makes the work that will inevitably come along more expensive and perhaps come as a surprise for you.

This program is all about doing the preventative care so you can maintain the "new car smell" of your equipment, and budget for replacements and upgrades so they don't sneak up on you. Starting right when you purchase your equipment is the best possible time to start a maintenance routine.

Will I learn how to run my own maintenance business?  

This course is not designed to teach you how to start a maintenance business. If you are interested in learning how to start your own Pilates equipment maintenance side gig, head on over to this page for more information.

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