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We’ve all experienced that cringy moment when a client lies down on the reformer and a spring starts “singing.”

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining your equipment doesn’t need to require an engineering degree or extensive knowledge of drill bits. This stuff can be EASY.

Equipment Essentials is a simple solution to help you keep your equipment safe, smooth, and quiet, so your teaching (and not that squeaky spring) can be the star of the show.


It’s been several months since COVID-19 disrupted our ability to teach in person and now many studios are preparing to re-open. However, when it comes to cleaning, you probably have some questions, including...

  • Should I use clorox wipes?
  • What kind of cleaner should I use?
  • Is soap and water good enough?
  • Is alcohol going to damage my equipment?
  • How do I clean my small props?

I’ve been fielding these questions for weeks, which is why I created The COVID-19 Cleaning Guide for Pilates Studios: A comprehensive and simple online course to answer ALL of your major cleaning questions and help you create a simple cleaning protocol to keep you clients feeling safe and minimize the spread of germs, while protecting your equipment.


You don’t need to be an engineer to help studios maintain their equipment. If you love to problem solve, have a treasured (even if small!) collection of tools, and love tinkering, then this program is for you!

I’ve lived the experience of needing to teach 6 hours a day just to pay the bills, going home, and being too tired to work on anything else (or even talk to my husband) and if I’m honest, when I first started offering equipment maintenance as a service, I wasn’t even sure there was enough of a demand to turn it into a business.

What I learned is that, yes, it IS possible to supplement your income or even make a living helping studio owners maintain their equipment.

Even better, if you like tinkering, your business can actually be satisfying, rather than exhausting. I can teach you how.

Looking to buy used Pilates Equipment but don't know where to start?  This guide is for you!

In the PDF and audio guides I cover where to look for used equipment, what is a fair price, what should you ask the seller, and how to maximize your chances of success.

Shop with confidence!


Get the most money for your used Pilates equipment with this helpful guide.  With a little effort, you might get more than you think!

In the PDF and audio guides I cover how to price your equipment, where to post your ad, and how to write a compelling ad that attracts interest.

Take the guesswork out of selling your equipment.


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Cleaning lead magnet v2

Say goodbye to black marks on rails, smudges on wood frames, and hair in the headrest with these simple steps.

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